Tosha Maaks

Tosha Maaks is a Mental Health Advocate, Bipolar Mentor/Coach and Speaker!
In 2014 she spent 30 days in jail in Tazewell County IL for two DUI Charges due to just bipolar medications, she decided that she wasn’t going to let what happened to her destroy her and instead she let it inspire her to teach others what they needed to know to help others like her. She believes strongly in peer support and it’s through her work she finds strength.
She has a specialty in symptom recognition, and teaching others how to advocate for themselves with their doctors. She truly believes the key to better wellness is in learning how to communicate well with our own care providers.
She knows she can’t change the world over night but she hopes that she can change the world by speaking openly and honestly about her mental health and by teaching others about what mental health is and what the warning signs of it is. What the warning signs of suicide is and what to do if those warning signs are seen. She want to teach others how to care for themselves so they don’t have to suffer through the things she has already been through. If she can save someone from the years of work she had to go through by sharing her story, then it is all worth it. 

Tosha currently has slots open for her personal mentoring and coaching opportunities which are all very affordable. Her brand of lived experience is one that isn't found by a doctor or nurse but only by someone who lives with the illnesses well in recovery. She will take the time to get to know you and your symptoms and take you through not only your symptoms but what triggers your illness. She will help teach you just how to communicate with your medical providers so that you can recieve proper care. Tosha isn't opposed to working with people under the age of 18 but will only do so with the concent of a legal guardian.  

Tosha also has times open for speaking events. If you have a speaking event that you need someone who has been where mental illness seems to have taken everything they have worked for and then fought their way back to recovery give Tosha a call her dynamic smile and her brand of energy will have your crowd completely captivated with her story of recovery and the real truth that is Mental Illness.  

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